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Wireless Network Services

Wireless technology is the pinnacle of flexibility when it comes to flexible connectivity with your network.


Our Expertise

At FWD-IP, we can manage your wireless network project from start to finish whatever the requirements. Need us to design your wireless network from scratch and build it to working status? No problem.

Our expertise in wireless is unparalleled. Our network design and installation know-how allows us to recommend the best option based on your needs, ensuring you pay the least amount of money to get exactly what you want.

FWD-IP works across a wide range of industries, from education to pharmaceuticals and everything between.

Our full wireless services:

  • Wireless network design
  • Wireless network build and installation
  • Remote building and office links
  • Laser links
  • Microwave links
  • Wireless CCTV Cameras

Point to Point Wireless Links

As part of our wireless security and installation expertise, we can also guide you on the use of Point to Point links to connect multiple distant sites to the same wireless network. By having two separate points within visibility of the other, Point to Point links can allow both to belong to the same network with a wireless connection. Point to Point links provide instant communication across these two points, delivering huge advantages on network access and cost efficiency.

From indoor to outdoor, we deliver the very best in wireless network solutions.

Wireless CCTV

Away from wireless networks, we also specialise in the installation and maintenance of wireless CCTV cameras. Wireless CCTV allows companies and organisations to set up a security system without the need for cabling, and we can even do this across industrial and campus sites. To find out more about this service, read more on our dedicated IP CCTV page.

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