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Telephones and VOIP Phone systems

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  • With a wide range of audiovisual technologies available for installation, FWD-IP can improve the way your business works, offering tailored solutions for communication problems with state-of-the-art advancements that complement your existing networks.

    Telephone Systems

    Most businesses require a modern, efficient telephone system to ensure a smooth day-to-day running, and FWD-IP can provide the design, installation and maintenance of such systems.

    VOIP Phone Systems

    VOIP, or Voice over IP, is a telephone system that translates telephone audio into digital form that can then be transmitted over the Internet, and vice versa for incoming calls. It is a modern phone system that businesses can use to gain numerous advantages for their internal communications:

    • Cost-efficiency – They are cheaper to run than standard telephones
    • Flexibility – Access a dial tone from anywhere with Internet access
    • Functionality – Utilise conferencing, emails, and more
    • Productivity – Allow employees to multi-task and work quicker

    Whether your requirements are for one integrated office or separate offices across a campus, FWD-IP can install VOIP systems seamlessly into your way of working.

    Contact FWD-IP now to further explore the range of telephony technologies we can offer to enhance your business.

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