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Passive Optical LAN

Passive Optical LAN offers greater flexibility.


It is a point-to-multipoint system that transforms your Local Area Network structure from good to great. How? It’s faster, more secure and provides a better ROI.

Not only that, but we are one of the first installation businesses in the UK to have the proper accreditation to install it. But what does a Passive Optical LAN actually mean to you?

Long Term Cost Efficiency

Despite slightly larger installation costs, a Passive Optical LAN is comfortably the most financially beneficial network to install in the long term.

A Passive Optical LAN has very few parts that require maintenance or repair, so ongoing operational costs are lower. Fibre optics also use less space than copper cabling, which means material costs are reduced. Passive Optical LANs also do not have the same power and cooling requirements of a traditional LAN, slashing utility bills.

Wide Coverage
Traditional copper cabling has a smaller distance limit on how far it can transmit data. On sites where a large network is required, it is often necessary to install several network cabinets to enable the network to reach everywhere required. This means less flexibility and higher operational costs.

By contrast, Passive Optical LANs have an enormous range, reaching up to 20km that enables all areas to be covered by one fibre network.

Environmentally Friendly

A traditional LAN utilises big data centres in multiple areas to enable the network to function. A Passive Optical LAN, however, uses a simple fibre network that needs only small converters close to end users – as a result, the savings on power requirements are significant. Further environmental benefits are:

  • Less required rack space
  • Less containment required
  • More flexibility
  • Less copper cabling

Better Security

Passive Optical LANs have a much simpler structure than traditional copper systems and use fibre cabling. As a result, they are significantly harder to break into.

A Passive Optical LAN is also more reliable, offering better bandwidth without exposing the network to security and downtime issues often faced by traditional LANs.

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