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Fibre Optic Services

Fibre optic networks use laser technology to carry huge amounts of data over long distances quickly. Fibre optic cables have an endless scope of uses such as data transmission, telecommunications, networking, broadcast and more.

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    We understand that you need us to design, build and install your fibre network in a way that suits your business. That’s why FWD-IP offers the widest range of fibre services you’ll be able to find – from network design, installation to fault-finding and repairs, we genuinely do it all.

    Below is a list of the full range of fibre services we offer:

    • Fibre network design and installation
    • Fault finding, repairs and site audits
    • Testing, certifications, plans and manuals
    • Multimode fibre
    • Single mode fibre
    • Blown fibre


    As fibre experts, we also offer our expertise in the initial consulting stages of any project. We don’t expect you to know the difference between OM1 and OM4, and nor should you know if multi-mode, single-mode or blown fibre is the best cable type to go with. Simply tell us your requirements and we will take care of the rest. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hospital, a campus or a solar farm – you only have to tell us what you need your fibre network to do.

    Contact FWD-IP now to discuss your fibre requirements.

    Passive Optical LAN

    At FWD-IP we are also at the forefront of industry developments as one of the first installation companies in the UK to have the accreditation to sell and install Passive Optical LAN services.

    Passive Optical LAN is the next step in fibre cabling – it is a point-to-multipoint system that provides several benefits to the end user. Namely:

    • Cost-efficient – In the long term, Passive Optical LANs provide the best return on investment of any network
    • Secure – A Passive Optical LAN is much more secure than a traditional Ethernet LAN
    • Reliable
    • Environmentally friendly

    Find out more about Passive Optical LAN here.

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