Our Services


FWD-IP offers a vast range of technology services, from fibre networks to IP access control.


Our technology services stretch across all areas of the communication industry, from fibre optics and wireless network design to installations and IP access control systems. At FWD-IP we have three areas of particular expertise:


Fibre optic networks use laser technology to carry huge amounts of data over long distances quickly. Fibre optic cables have an endless scope of uses such as data transmission, telecommunications, networking, broadcast and more.

We are also at the forefront of new technological developments, being one of the first installation companies in the UK to be accredited for the sale of Passive Optical LAN services – find out more here.


Wireless technology is the pinnacle of flexible and convenient network connection. At FWD-IP, we can manage your wireless network project from start to finish whatever the requirements.

This includes everything from network design, build and installation to connecting multiple distant sites to the same wireless network using Point to Point links. Using our expertise, we examine client requirements before recommending the most suitable, cost effective option.


A well-designed data network is fundamental to the success and smooth running of any business. Your data network can cover everything imaginable; from file sharing and data transfer to email and Internet access.

However, our expertise is not limited to just the above – FWD-IP also handles projects across audiovisual, security and other bespoke areas. Explore our full range of services below, and get in touch with any business enquiry for a free consultation now.