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FWD-IP delivers multifaceted project for luxury hotel group

House Collection

When it comes to hotels it is important that guests enjoy their stay, otherwise they won’t go back and may leave stinging reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor, which is extremely bad for business.

Much of this falls down to good management and facilities, tasteful decor and a high quality service. But The House Collection, a luxury hotel group in Cambridgeshire, recognises the importance of systems such as WIFI, television networks and CCTV.

Indeed, such infrastructure provides the foundation for an outstanding customer experience. After all, how can a hotel be considered luxury if guests can’t even log on to the WIFI?

So when The House Collection renovated two of its establishments it needed a highly bespoke, integrated solution. FWD-IP, which has a great deal of hospitality-relevant experience, came highly recommended being a trusted partner of the group’s chosen building contractor.

Historic buildings

The House Collection’s chosen sites were Poets House in Ely and Paddocks House near Newmarket, formerly a council premises and an eighteenth century country home respectively.

Rich in history, both were acquired by The House Collection and marked for a design-led transformation to create new local landmarks for high quality hospitality, dining and special events.

Infrastructure requirements

Both hotels needed full and integrated wireless internet and telephone systems, bedroom television networks, CCTV to survey their premises and surrounding grounds, sound systems for the bars and restaurants, guest billing facilities and data cabling.

FWD-IP specialises in all of these product areas and completed a design that met The House Collection’s requirements.

High-speed wireless networks

At each site FWD-IP installed Ruckus WIFI systems, carrying out wireless surveys beforehand and taking great care throughout the design process to ensure each was high quality and fit for purpose.

This was essential as the team built much of the cabling into floors and ceilings as part of the refurbishment. Adding or relocating cables once the job was finished would be impossible without causing major disruption.

Fast and reliable, the Ruckus WIFI systems provide superb network coverage allowing guests to log on with ease and work or play online. They also require few access points, minimising their aesthetic impact on the buildings.

Audiovisual systems

FWD-IP fitted out the hotels’ restaurant and bar areas with high quality BOSE and JBL sound systems, a feature being subs incorporated into parts of the environment. These allow the Hotel Concierge to play whatever music suits the mood at the time.

FWD-IP also installed 36 HD 42” LG widescreen televisions in all the bedrooms, complete with SKY and branded welcome screens, and a cinema room and PlayStation 4 in Paddocks House.

Linked telephone networks with Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) handsets allow staff to talk to each other over a data link. FWD-IP also installed cell stations (repeaters) to maintain handset signal strength.

In total FWD-IP installed over six miles of communications cables to run the communication systems.

IP CCTV package

Thanks to FWD-IP, Poets House and Paddocks House are now fitted with IP Sony CCTV networks, which ensure safety and security for staff and visitors alike. Between them they feature full HD 1080p cameras spread over the grounds and public areas of each site, controlled and monitored by specialist video management software (VMS).

Guest billing system

FWD-IP equipped both Poets House and Paddocks House with sophisticated automated billing systems. These record and track guest spend, from room service and restaurant bills to hotel facilities such as phones, allowing people to pay when they check out simply, swiftly and accurately.

Data network

Naturally a fast data network and high quality data cabling, which FWD-IP installed throughout both hotels, facilitates each and every one of these systems and provides the spine of this complex project.

Project challenges

Both hotels were complete renovation and refurbishment projects and FWD-IP was involved from a very early stage.

Although this afforded its team the opportunity to build the systems ‘from the ground up’, specifying the exact technology used and how it was integrated into each building, it also presented challenges.

FWD-IP had to work alongside and in harmony with a multitude of other contractors throughout the installation, each of which had their own objectives and tight deadlines.

The team overcame this challenge by liaising closely with everybody on the project, holding regular progress meetings and carrying out its installation in stages to fit in with the building schedule.

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction is a foremost priority at FWD-IP, which communicated constantly with The House Collection at all stages of the project to ensure a timely delivery and outstanding service.

Commercial Director at The House Collection, is positive:

“The team understood our exact requirements and completed the job to a very high standard, on time and to specification. We were impressed with the team’s attention to detail and efficient way of working. We plan to work with FWD-IP on future projects as a result.” 

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